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Heavy Racket

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The Heavy Trainer can improve cricket player’s game by building both player strength and flexibility. The 175g Heavy Trainer slips over the grip and attaches to the throat of any Cricket bat, so there is no need for any additional equipment. A player trains with the bat they are used to swinging.
According to Laz Gates, CEO and inventor of the Heavy Trainer, “The goal of this product is to stretch out the muscles and build muscle memory you can’t get in a gym.”
“Changing the world is fun; the sport of Cricket is no exception.”
The first of its kind, the Heavy Trainer is sparking a revolution in the way cricket players train, creating enhanced bat speed and flow in the hitting area. As a warm up tool, the player gets a better awareness of their swing with the added weight.
Biju George, who served as fielding coach for India’s U19 World Cup and Asia Cup teams, has already introduced the Heavy Trainer to players at his coaching center in Trivandrum, Kerala.
One in particular, “is a current first class player for Kerala, he holds the record for maximum runs in one over in domestic one-day matches,” says George. “He not only noticed rapid improvement in bat speed, but also increased flow and power generation in the strike zone.”

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The Heavy Trainer is the first one-piece weighted training device for Tennis, Lacrosse, and Cricket players. Other sports such as golf and baseball have enjoyed the benefits of using weights to warm up and practice for years. The Heavy Trainer has unique design to fit the Tennis Racquets, Lacrosse Sticks and Cricket Bats you play with.

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