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Cricket Training Accessories

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  1. \ SIDEARM™Elite


    Regular Price: ₹3,150.00

    Special Price ₹2,899.00

    SIDEARM Elite can provide a level of fast paced quality batting practice that is impossible to better. Where previously a very talented bowler would have to run-up 20 or 25 yards to bowl a ball of similar quality, now a skilled coach can provide 70mph+ swinging, seaming deliveries to really iron out any flaws or defects in a batsman's game. This is the SIDEARM for players wanting to face 70mph+ deliveries. Learn More
  2. \ P2 Stripper Large -Right Hand

    P2 Stripper Large -Right Hand


    Protects front and back thighs, hip and buttock. New model has re-worked hip and buttock protection, and a larger, better positioned rear thigh pad. Learn More
  3. \ SOFT WIND BALL set of 6

    SOFT WIND BALL set of 6


    Soft Wind balls with moulded seam. Durable plastic suitable for coaching juniors. Learn More
  4. \ Ball Carry Bag

    Ball Carry Bag

    Regular Price: ₹100.00

    Special Price ₹85.00

    Strong round vinyl base with a mesh upper for ventilation. Tie rope top. Ideal for team or club ball bag. Learn More
  5. \ BAS Cricket Ball

    BAS Cricket Ball


    •  BAS Cricket Ball 
    • 156 gram, 
    •  Alum tanned leather 

    •  Cable stitching 
    •  Colours Available:  (R) Red
    Learn More
  6. \ Hanging Ball

    Hanging Ball

    Regular Price: ₹250.00

    Special Price ₹200.00

    Conforms to international quality standards Cost performers with superior value proposition Finished with wax and efficiently polished Hand and eye-coordination Learn More
  7. \ Heavy Racket

    Heavy Racket

    Regular Price: ₹1,800.00

    Special Price ₹1,699.00

    The Heavy Trainer can improve cricket player’s game by building both player strength and flexibility. The 175g Heavy Trainer slips over the grip and attaches to the throat of any Cricket bat, so there is no need for any additional equipment. A player trains with the bat they are used to swinging. According to Laz Gates, CEO and inventor of the Heavy Trainer, “The goal of this product is to stretch out the muscles and build muscle memory you can’t get in a gym.” “Changing the world is fun; the sport of Cricket is no exception.” The first of its kind, the Heavy Trainer is sparking a revolution in the way cricket players train, creating enhanced bat speed and flow in the hitting area. As a warm up tool, the player gets a better awareness of their swing with the added weight. Biju George, who served as fielding coach for India’s U19 World Cup and Asia Cup teams, has already introduced the Heavy Trainer to players at his coaching center in Trivandrum, Kerala. One in particular, “is a current first class player for Kerala, he holds the record for maximum runs in one over in domestic one-day matches,” says George. “He not only noticed rapid improvement in bat speed, but also increased flow and power generation in the strike zone.” Learn More
  8. \ MS Base

    MS Base

    Regular Price: ₹3,600.00

    Special Price ₹3,060.00

    Fusion Multi Stump Package comprising of one base, three spikes and three stumps Learn More
  9. \ MS Shorty Stump

    MS Shorty Stump

    Regular Price: ₹2,700.00

    Special Price ₹2,300.00

    The New Multi Stump Shorty has been introduced due to popular demand. Measuring 14 inches in height the Shorty is perfect for focusing bowlers and fielders towards hitting the base of the stump. Learn More
  10. \ Tite Grip

    Tite Grip

    Regular Price: ₹990.00

    Special Price ₹800.00

    Tite Grip is a topical hand cream which was formulated to stop your hands from perspiring, it is non-sticky and works between 4 – 6 hours. For optimal use, apply 30-60 minutes prior to activity. Don't be fooled by other products claiming to be as good as Tite Grip and costing half the price. One tube of Tite Grip at $9.99 can last twice as long as their $4.99 product and it's guaranteed to work. Learn More

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