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Balance Pads

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  1. \ Sportingtools Balance Pad -Rectanguler

    Sportingtools Balance Pad -Rectanguler


    Balance Pad is great for both core-strength exercises, coordination and balance, motor-skill training. deal for home and multi-user Commercial Gyms Learn More
  2. \ Airex Balance Pad

    Airex Balance Pad


    As the global market leader, AIREX is in a responsible position. Fitness, holistic training methods and rehabilitation call for first-class quality. This is expressed in the sum of our products' advantages.
    Product Characteristics Comfortable
    Soft, supple and cushioning insulating.
    Product Characteristics Hygienic                                                                                                              Product Characteristics Slip-proof
    Hygienic                                                                         Slip-proof
    Simple to clean, antimicrobial Sanitized® finishing.          Surface structure and special foam technology prevent slipping.

    Product Characteristics Absorbing                                                                                                   Product Characteristics Water repellent
    Absorbing                                                                     Water repellent
    Yielding and supportive, protection against injuries.      Closed cell foam. No penetration of water or dirt.  

    Product Characteristics Flat Placement                                                                                                  Product Characteristics Long life span
    Flat Placement                                                              Long life span
    No tripping thanks to flat placement on the floor.                              Hard-wearing material for many years of use.
    Product Characteristics Multifunctional                                                                                                   Product Characteristics Conforms to CE
    Multifunctional                                                             Conforms to CE
    Versatile application. Indoors,  outdoors and in water.                    High-quality materials, strict quality controls.
    Tangibly better
    The innovative, closed-cell foam of the AIREX mats was developed over many years of work. The extremely hard-wearing material is on the one hand supportive and on the other hand warm, soft and absorbing. Joints, tendons and muscles can thereby be trained extremely gently and efficiently. 
    Comparison cushioning gradient | Hard matComparison cushioning gradient | Too soft / thin matComparison cushioning gradient | AIREX mat
    Hard mat
    The impacting energy is dissipated very quickly. The cushioning is experienced as being unpleasantly hard and over time and can strain the joints, tendons and muscles. 
    Comparison cushioning gradient | Caption
    AIREX mat
    Not too hard, not too soft. The AIREX foam is perfectly adapted to the individual applications. The energy is absorbed gently and evenly. 
    Too soft / thin mat
    • The foam is too soft to absorb the impacting energy. Hard knocks are unavoidable, and can lead to unpleasant strain of the spine and joints.
    Learn More

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